The Chemistry in Cooking

Evony McCutchen, Reporter

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“We are going to do experiments that involve chemical reactions like making ice cream using salt and ice in a bag,” President of Chemistry Cooking Club, Camryn Van Landingham said.

Camryn has decided to create a club combining two of her interests, chemistry and food into the Chemistry Cooking Club. The club’s main focus is on the chemical reactions that takes place when cooking. And after the explanation/discussion, the club members will indulge on the pre-made food.

“Chemistry food club is just, an opportunity for you to see why cooking food makes [the] food taste change. So, if you like cooking and you like science it would be a good combination of the two,” sponsor of the club, Mr. Michnick said.

The Chemistry Cooking Club is not like most clubs at Langham Creek. This particular club is a combination of both science and culinary “skills” Camryn said. “It is making more kids more interested in chemistry but also along the way we have fun while learning something.”

Being that this club was permitted, this of course poses the question, ‘How will this club benefit a student/student body?’

“I think all clubs give the students an opportunity to find a group of people that they could interact with,” Michnick said. “It’s harder and harder to be a high school student, but if you can find a common interest with people that you have never met before, then that gives you an opportunity to have a conversation starter. You can meet new people and learn new things, and I think that is what all clubs should be doing, and I think that is what all clubs do.”

Camryn has many more ideas to share with the new to come club. If you have not heard of the Chemistry Cooking Club, the group will meet the second and fourth Thursdays after school in room 1203 every month unless notified otherwise. Be sure to look out for any posters or announcements on this “opportunity” of a club.