Helicopter Egg Drop


Evony McCutchen, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Everyone has their own traditions for Easter: big family dinners, hunting for colorful eggs, or going to a Sunday church service. But, have you ever heard of a church going above and beyond for their community? So much so, that they experience something many would consider a tad on the dangerous side, but still incredibly cool. It is so inconceivable, that you would have to see it to fully believe it.

Anchor Church had an interesting Easter this year. Instead of the typical tradition of parents going out in a field and hiding Easter eggs themselves, the church had a helicopter drop eggs down from 200 feet above the ground.

“It was a little different from previous years because I feel that with the helicopter, I was kind of allowed to search for eggs with my kids because I didn’t hide them, so it was a nice surprise,” regular Anchor member Yuly Paez said. “It sort of made me nostalgic of when I was my kids’ age. I really want to do this again, not to mention when do you ever really see a helicopter drop eggs from the sky.”

Everyone, parents and children, were able to participate in hunting for eggs rather than just the children looking on their own.

“At first we were extremely nervous if this was even safe enough for the children,” Head Director of Anchor’s Children Ministry Jessica Paez said. “Then it was just a matter of whether or not we are going to be able to fit a schedule for the church service and the helicopter. Not just that but the amount of kids we had was incredibly large so we had to find a schedule for that too.”

When people heard that there would be a helicopter dropping Easter eggs many were in disbelief, but as the date approached closer they began to realize that this is an actual, plausible event. And soon after the registration was filled and by the end for children alone there were about over 200 hundred kids. As a result, Anchor had to provide two different services, which also resulted in two helicopter egg drops.

“A lot of people came and I am really glad for that in itself,” Main Pastor Rafael Paez said. “Getting the helicopter was sort of hard but seeing the ending turn out, it was all worth the extra effort to make Easter a little more unforgettable.”

Anchor is on the new trend helicopter egg dropping and making Easter a little more unforgettable. So if you don’t know of this newly implemented event than look up for helicopters in the sky, for they may just be dropping eggs with sweet surprises inside them.