Civil War Game Shutdown

Taylor Gavelek, Reporter

Due to class circumstances and a change in unit lengths, the Civil War game that has been a staple of the AP/DC US History classes for years, has been wiped from the curriculum. 

“Due to a change in how the classes are set up with DC and AP as separate, each their own curriculum and timeline, the game just doesn’t fit into the unit,” US History teacher Kristen Williams said. 

If you’re not familiar with the simulation: the US History classes in the past were divided up and designated as the Union or Confederacy. Then the school building was divided up into territories belonging to either team. Each player was given three clothing pins and a wristband that act as their life line. When playing the game, a player could go to anyone on the opposing side, when in your territory, and ask them a question regarding the historical curriculum of the unit, if they got it wrong they gave you a life, if they got it right they could ask you a question back. The game plays out until the final day where the winning team is granted an award. 

This game has touched many classes in the past and the current junior class was excited to play when they first walked onto the scene. 

“I was sad when they said we wouldn’t play the game,” junior Malia Benavides said. “I have older friends who loved the game last year and I was looking forward to playing.” 

Many past students agreed that the game has kept classes engaged, wanting to learn more, and having a great time. 

“This game helped me a lot last year,” senior Emanuel Flores said. “It kept me wanting to learn more information so that I could help my team succeed.” 

As years come and go, curriculum changes. There won’t be a game this year but who knows what the future for US History holds. 

“Now, there is no saying whether the game will make a comeback in the future,” Williams said. “If we can make it work in the next years, we will.” 

For now the Civil War game takes its place in history, just not history classes.