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Yearbooks Have Arrived

Taylor Gavelek, Feature Editor

May 13, 2019

YEARBOOKS HAVE ARRIVED!! If you, a friend or family member ordered a yearbook for the 2018-2019 school year, you're in luck! Yearbooks are going to be available for pick up this Tuesday through Friday (May. 14 - 17) during schoo...

Art exhibit at Berry Center

Mary Boyle, Reporter

May 8, 2019

The room was crowded. Proud parents tried to keep up with their kids and find which out of the thousand colorful pictures lining the walls belonged to their child. The artwork  ranged from 12th graders to kindergarteners. Stu...

1000 Girls in Pearls

Emily Castro, Reporter

May 1, 2019

There’s chatter around the room. Girls talking amongst themselves waiting for what’s to come next. One thing they all have in common; a pink slip. A pink slip inviting them to better understand themselves, or to open their ey...

Astros Ticket Winner

Astros Ticket Winner

April 25, 2019

Java Jive Jammin’

Taylor Gavelek, Feature Editor

April 18, 2019

Java Jive is an annual concert produced by the LCHS choir that features kids who are in and out of choir showing off their talents. Java Jive will take place April 30th in the library at 6pm, tickets are $5 and you can buy them at ...

The Bats in Our School

Mary Boyle, Site Editor

April 12, 2019

You have heard of the bats at our school and you may have been told to stay away at the risk of getting bit or harmed by said bats, but what you may not have known is that we have had bat problems in the past and I am not talkin...

Construction Strikes a Note

Evony McCutchen, Reporter

April 9, 2019

Band, Choir, Theatre, and Orchestra all are being evicted from their rooms by the progressive construction and must be officially moved out on May 31st. Along with the move, construction has also been causing a lot of noise for...

Airpods VS. Airpods

Airpods VS. Airpods

April 4, 2019

The Big Bad STAAR

Zahara Latson, A&E Editor

April 4, 2019

The STAAR test is on the horizon and students and Teachers all over Texas are getting prepared the best way that they can. This test is taken annually by all Texas students and for a lot of teens they do not view the test as im...

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