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Cooking with Nicoy!

From Culinary Course to Instagram Business

High School is a place for learning and opportunities. People have the chance to find out who they are or want to be. While a lot of students who are still at school might say it’s a nightmare, you can’t deny that it helps many find their dream careers and professions.

With the help of some of the school staff and the Culinary Arts course, senior Nicoy Earl started to develop an enjoyment for cooking. He soon started a small business “nicosmessykitchen” on Instagram. The social platform is the place where he can put his enjoyment of cooking to good use.

“I cook and I sell plates. It helps me out in tremendous ways,” Earl said. “It helps me put myself out there and get known by people.”

Many people have a reason to start something. Some might’ve gotten a random idea one day, or just had a passion for something and decided to continue with it. For Earl, saying goodbye to something led to a new door opening for him.

“After I quit football I felt like I had to do something. I didn’t just want to be bored at home, so I just started cooking. It just went from there and I started getting better at it,” Earl said.

Unfortunately, not everyone might have go-to people for support throughout their journey in life. Earl has had big influences from family, and big support from friends and even school staff.

“My grandfather passed away recently. I kind of want to do it for him and make him proud,” Earl said. “My two supporters from school, I’d say one of my AP’s Ms. Gonzalez, and one of my homeboys’ named Karmari.”

When asked what challenges Earl has faced and how he was able to move past them, he gives both his personal troubles and some he’s had starting his small business online.

“When I lost my hair, I got bullied like my whole life, so I just dealt with that, dealt with adversity,” Earl said. “It was kind of hard cause no one trusted my food, but once I started putting myself out there, people started buying a lot more.”

Assistant Principal Maria Gonzalez, who has known Earl since his freshman year has gotten to know him as a student and as a person. She’s seen how Earl has grown into his enjoyment of cooking and supports him knowing he’s always giving it his all.

“I’ve known him while he’s been in his culinary classes, so we’ve always had that conversation, he has a passion,” Gonzalez said. “He was that kid that made sure everything was washed well and dried up well because that’s his first ethic, about everything being clean.” 

Earl says he’s very outgoing and understanding, he believes that everybody deserves to be talked to. His friends and school staff have expressed that Earl is a positive person.

“He is a go-getter, but he probably has the biggest heart cause he’ll do anything for anyone in a drop of a moment,” Gonzalez said. “He always has a smile so if anyone knows him and can identify him, it’ll definitely be by his smile.”

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