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Emotion and Fright all in one: Train to Busan

A movie review

Movies are something that can be enjoyed worldwide, it’s basically universal. There are certain movie genres for specific people making it enjoyable for the right audience. Personally I
prefer movies in the horror and romance genre since they are ones that I feel bring the most emotion out of me. For this movie, I genuinely love the amount of ‘horror’ they give and the right
amount of emotion added.

One of the best movies I’ve truly seen was a movie called Train to Busan.

I feel like it’s one of the best as it’s described as the best zombie horror movie by a lot of other people. The movie brings so much emotion from beginning all the way to the end.

The plot is about a man and his daughter going onto a train to visit the mother, later an infected person comes in and it spreads throughout the train, then the survivors need to head to Busan for their great military. With such a simple plot, they accomplished so much as I think it’s a great movie for everyone.

The settings of the movie are so detailed, showing that they put effort into each part of the scenery.

The characters in the movie have so much of their own character and personality I loved it. Most characters were so likable and the ones we were supposed to dislike, like Yon-suk,
had great personality traits. He is the antagonist who sacrifices others for himself making him pretty selfish.

I love how some developed greatly throughout the story and there is always something we can focus on, each character having a bit of their background shown and each with a slight time to shine.

At the end, I would give this movie the highest amount of ratings someone could even put in a movie, I loved it.

I’d recommend this movie, I feel like anyone who watched it would have some great connection with the characters and plot.

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