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The Last Dance

Prom Expectations and Anxieties

With prom on the horizon, seniors are beginning to animate and plan their nights and weekends. It’s the end of the line for the class of 2024, so what are those few special nights
going to look like for some of these seniors?

“Dressing up and going to the event center to put it plainly,” senior Chris Bocanegra said.

Many of these young adults have dreamed and fantasized about this one dance for their entire high school experience. People have different mental images of what their dance will look
like which is a good reflection of what these seniors are looking forward to.

“I’ve been thinking about the dance, hanging out with friends, and going to our prom house,” senior Ryan Cosakis said. “Just all around having a good time with people I may not see
anymore after graduation.”

Going to one of the last experiences and enjoying the company of people you may never see again is a big theme for prom, with lots of people getting bold and taking chances with dates.

“I’ve never asked anyone to my previous dances,” an anonymous senior said, “I figured if I’m going to ask someone it should be now.”

Most students aim to make prom their biggest, best, and most memorable school-related event they’ve ever experienced. They want it to blow middle school dances and homecoming out
of the water, with a majority getting vacation homes for the weekend of the dance.

“My group had the whole weekend planned before Valentines day,” Cosakis said. “We have a house in Surfside rented, with enough room for everyone.”

Though some seniors want to stay somewhere nice after the big night, some just plan to stay home and relax.

“The day of the dance is enough for me personally, I don’t really need to stay in a house to fully enjoy myself,” Bocanegra said.

This is the last school-related event for seniors until the big graduation day itself; this leaves split opinions on how to feel. For some seniors, they cannot wait to move on in life and for
others, the feeling is much more complicated and bittersweet.

“I can’t wait,” Cosakis said. “I’m excited for the festivities, but I’m definitely done with high school.”

Real life is approaching fast now and will be even faster after prom, and the majority of the class of 24’ is going to try their hardest to make this final countdown fondly remembered.

“There’s definitely a weight to it, leaving school in general is bittersweet,” Bocanegra said. “It’s a great feeling to move on and I’m excited for what prom and the future holds for me.

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