Orchestra Chamber & Ensemble

Tatyana Grey, Reporter

Chamber & Ensemble played their solos to a judge and during their solos the judge was grading them.The students got their grades back .  This event was held at Cy-Springs on Saturday February 4th.

  “ The song that i played was a song from Enrique Granadas called ‘ Madrigal’. The reason i played this song was because of the musical elements that was portrayed in the song”, said junior, Irving Sosa .

     Now before Irving played his solo to the judge Irving was not nervous . “ I was not nervous to play my solo because i rehearsed it in front of colleagues and  my parents”,said Irving Sosa.  

    Irving got a grade back from the judge “ The grade for the solo performance was a one”, said Irving sosa.

     Once Irving got his grade back he was not surprised with the grade.” I was not surprised on the score i received because i studied that song a lot for for three months around an hour and 30 minutes a day”, said Irving Sosa.

      When judging music there is a number scale. The scale is from 1-4.” The highest score to receive in this event is a  one”, said Irving Sosa.