New construction coming

Drake Drymond, Reporter

In the past few weeks’ surveyors have started the long process of getting Langham ready for its upcoming renovations.

Of the many areas that will be renovated one is up in the front of the school where a small room or “vestibule” will be built.

“So one of the things that they are going to do, is build a Vesta Butte in the front; which means when people come into the building they will have to go through this room, then be let into the building,” Principal Hughes said.

The process started a couple years ago at a bond election.

“A district bond was passed… so the district was able to get a huge amount of money… to be used for technology, and safety,” Hughes said.

The area that is set to undergo the most change is the athletics hallway and locker rooms.

“A lot of the work is going to be done in the athletic area, where they are basically going to be recreating the locker rooms…reconfiguring the space,” Hughes said.

Another area that will be renovated is the auditorium.

“The auditorium is being updated in terms of sound systems and seating,” Hughes said.

The construction is set to start in March 2018, and continue throughout that summer.  The construction is planned to be finished by the summer of 2019.

“All that time they will be renovating Langham Creek,” Hughes said.

Other changes, and renovations include; re-painting areas, installing new faucets, and other hardware appliances.

As the long process continues to move along, the school will make changes for the better of its staff and students.