FFA Program Rodeo Sales

Drake Drymond, Sports Editor

FFA students had the opportunity to visit the rodeo together for their annual fundraiser of program sales.  In total the FFA students sold about 400 programs fundraising money for upcoming events.

“It was pretty effective…we made a pretty decent profit off of the program sales for our chapter, it should help pay for our banquet,” FFA Teacher Cassie Klecka Said.

For the students the trip was a success as they got to interact and meet other FFA students from other schools.

“We got to meet a lot of people …also got to communicate with other schools; Deer Park was there, and so was Cinco Ranch,” junior Jocelyn Mata said.

Some of the students also got to meet past FFA members, who were happy to donate to the program as well as talk to them.

“I liked meeting past FFA members, when they told us about their experiences… they gave us donations because they were in FFA as kids too,” senior Michelle Schulz said.

Once the sales where over, the students capped off a busy day going to the live concert performed by Aaron Watson.

“It was really good,” Schultz said.

Overall the students raised money and learned valuable lessons, both of which will propel the program forward for the future.