Cheer On!

Adrianna Gutierrez, Reporter

Director Kristen Schulve had auditions for the 2018-2019 cheerleaders. Alexis Cooper is a freshman and this is her first experience she’s ever had when it comes to trying out for any activity at school.

Cooper didn’t know what to expect, but she was willing to give it her all,

“The experience was challenging, nerve wrecking and fun all at the same time,” Cooper said.

The girls had to learn a dance to a choreographed routine and perform it in front of three judges. The song they danced to was Treasure by Bruno Mars.

The biggest challenge she faced through try outs was being prepared.

“Getting everything clean and perfect…..the cheer and dance part, that’s what I struggled with the most,” Cooper said.

She added that she will  keep her head high and still push herself to extreme limits if she does not make the team. 

“I tried my best and gave it everything I got, and if I did make it I would give 110 percent of my effort to make the team stronger,” Cooper said.

Cooper hopes to have accomplished her dream of growing as a dancer.

“To have the experience of creating a sisterhood with a bunch of girls who like to do what I enjoy doing,” Cooper said.