On the Open Road

Lauren Washington, Reporter

Clear skies, cool air and open fields greeted the choir as they made their way to Bandera, Texas for their annual spring trip. To get ready for the trip, many students prepared thoroughly.

“To prepare for the trip, I had to make sure I brought comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and bug-spray,” junior Madison McCarthy said. “One thing I really liked about this trip was that I went without wearing makeup while we were there. I don’t feel super comfortable without makeup, but everyone was active and having fun so there was no pressure to get dressed up.”

The first thing the choir had to do was compete in a music festival with music they’d sang earlier in the year.

“The competition went really well, considering we were all tired because we had to be at school early to load the buses,” junior Jasmine Moreno said. “It didn’t really matter to us how we placed, because we learned the music and sang it as well as we could. I think it went great.”

Following the festival, the choir students went to stay at a dude ranch in Bandera.

“Being at the dude ranch was a really fun experience,” senior M’lin Register said. “It allowed me to hike with my friends and just enjoy what nature has to offer. It was also nice not to use my cell phone because it allowed me to disconnect for a while.”

All in all, the choir trip gave them memories that would last a lifetime.

“My favorite part of the trip was probably sitting outside with my friends and getting to relax in the fresh air,” McCarthy said. “It was overall a really nice atmosphere. I felt like whatever concerns I had back at home didn’t even matter.”