Easter in a New Light

Drake Drymond, Sports Editor

Say the word Easter, and people will tend to think of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, or of his resurrection on the third day; however Langham is a diverse place, and many people of other religions see Easter in a different light.

Freshman Adam Hammad is Muslim and while he doesn’t celebrate Easter from a religious standpoint, he still celebrates the holiday.

“We don’t really do anything… since America celebrates it, we celebrate it with them,” Hammad said.

For the Muslim faith there is no holiday equivalent to Easter, but never the less Hammad still enjoys it and celebrates it with others.

“I like being with all my friends and collecting eggs with them,” Hammad said.

Freshman Taylor Hernandez is Buddhist, but still celebrates the holiday and incorporates church into the celebration.

“I wake up and go to church, then go out for breakfast at my tia’s house and hunt eggs,” Hernandez said.

Sophomore Dylan Nguyen is also Buddhist and he doesn’t celebrate Easter at all.

“We don’t really do anything special to celebrate the holiday,” Nguyen said. “It’s kind of arbitrary, it’s not very significant in my household.”

Despite not celebrating the holiday Nguyen still enjoys Easter.

“It’s pretty nice… it’s a pretty wholesome time,” Nguyen said.

No matter the religion most people still find a way to enjoy Easter.

“It’s a fun day to celebrate and spend time with family,” Hernandez said.