Prom Spectacular

For many students, the height of the school year was this year’s prom, held on May 5th. Over 700 students attended the Arabian Nights-themed dance.

“It’s like the biggest event overall in high school,” senior Christian Brister said.

The theme was Arabian Nights, complete with coffee bar and DJ. Based off of the classic, Arabian Nights is a compilation of Arabic Folk Tales composed during the Islamic Golden Age.

“The decorations fit really well with the theme,” sophomore Deziree Badillo said. “It felt like we were actually there.”

After the dance was over, Project Prom was held at Dave and Buster’s, a restaurant that hosts a large number of the latest games to play.

“It was really fun, I loved it,” Brister said. “But they could have told everyone who won the prizes over the announcements, everyone was confused.”

The planning of the event went to the seniors, who collectively voted on the theme.

“Once we get a theme, we give it to the decorators, and they come up with ideas,” Assistant Principal Baker said. “And then they sit down and we go through the ideas with the prom committee.”

Such a large event required a lot of money from the school, but despite what many students think the money for the prom was raised not through fundraisers, but through senior fees.

“It gives you money to actually pay for things as they come along,” Baker said. “And today juniors are starting to pay their senior fees.”

Students got to enjoy the decorations, food, and DJ. The popularity of the event was wild, but the administration is always ready to improve.

“Given the amount of money that we had, and the fact that I would cut the food back, I would probably do an ice cream bar and a coffee bar,” Baker said. “The prom committee overwhelmingly voted for the coffee bar, but there’s probably an aspect of the students that would rather have seen an ice cream bar.”

Despite the smaller forthcomings, the prom was a success, and students gave no complaints.

“I just think it turned out wonderful,” Baker said.