New Track and Turf

Drake Drymond, sports editor

“It’s going to be great,”  Head Football Coach Thompson said.  “It’s going to change the program.”

Over the summer Langham Creek underwent many changes; among those changes was the installation of a new track and turf field.

“Its really going to help”, Thompson said

For football, the new turf field acts as an upgrade to the traditional grass field allowing the players to practice after it rains.

“It can rain and 1 minute after we can go out and have a normal, productive practice,” Thompson said.  “If someone has turf and you don’t, then you would be at a disadvantage.”

In addition to the new turf, the track was redone.

“Our track was peeling up and we had some holes, so it needed to be resurfaced and redone. It’ll give them a better area to practice come track season,” Thompson said.

Now with dents and holes gone the new track should also attract a larger audience to meets, and increase event-hosting opportunities.

“People will want to come knowing that we have a good facility to host an event,”  Head Track Coach Bucchhorn said.

Aside from football, other groups such as the Balidoras will be able to utilize the field to practice their skills.

“It’s going to be used by our band and drill team because it has lines and accurate hash marks,” Thompson said.

Players are also looking forward to the new track and turf, and all that it offers.

“It’s more fun,” senior football player Zach Wardlow said. “You don’t have grass and mud on you now.”