Newly created Black Student Association

Kyia Brocken, Reporter

 BSA is back at Langham! After a few years without the club, it’s made a comeback. The Black Student Association has many goals it would like to accomplish this year, from taking educational tours to colleges and cultural museums to volunteering in community service events and hosting professional development workshops.

“We’re really excited for the upcoming events,” vice president of the club, Chelsea Magee, said. “We’re gonna make a big impact.”

 One of BSA purposes is to bring, not only people of color, but the whole student body together. Diversity is a very important aspect of the club.

“The Black Student Association serves as a platform where people from different backgrounds can exchange ideas and foster understanding,” club sponsor Coach Christopher said. “With an ever growing and diversifying landscape, students wanted an organization that represented the diversity of the student body, that would give them a voice about happenings in the community, and that would allow them to demonstrate the contributions and benefits we all experiences as a result of diversity.”

 The first BSA meeting was set to last about 30 minutes, but with non-stop flowing ideas, it lasted for nearly an hour. BSA founders were hoping for a turnout of at least 30, and successfully met their goal. The BSA club has been trying to express to the student body that the club is not just for black people or people of color, but that anyone and everyone is welcome to the club. All students are welcome to join and attend BSA meetings.

 Most of the founders of the club are sophomores, but they’ve all been wanting to start the club since their freshman year. Last year, the start of the club was delayed because of a lack of a faculty member to sponsor, but the spot has now been filled by two faculty members, Coach Christopher and Mr. Ferguson.

 “BSA has a commitment to excellence in academics, service, and in character. It’s mission is to promote awareness, understanding, and personal experiences.” Coach CHristopher said.