Key Club Fundraiser Night


Lauren Washington, Feature Editor

On Friday, January 12th, students piled into the Chipotle restaurant located on Highway 6, eager to eat and donate their money to a good cause. Key Club was hosting their second fundraiser, a charity project intended to provide school supplies to children in Guatemala. While this is only the second Key Club fundraiser of the year, it is very close to the hearts of the student body and staff.

“Mr. Reed [a history teacher] goes to Guatemala every year and buys school supplies for local students,” junior Key Club event coordinator Crystal Le said. “He volunteers at a school there.”

In order to donate the proceeds of their order, students were required to present a paper or electronic copy of the official flyer to the Chipotle staff. Overall, the turnout at the event was particularly good.

“I feel like this was a particularly successful fundraiser, considering how many Lobos we as officers encountered there,” Le said.

Looking at the numbers, it is clear to see that there there were indeed many students who attended the event.

“We made over $1,000 [at the fundraiser],” senior Key Club member Sarah Pinkerton said. “We are now able to help not only our club, but Mr. Reed and his work in Guatemala.”

Although the new semester has only just begun, the Key Club officers have an array of events ready for members this year.

“Some of our upcoming events will be to volunteer at the nearby rehab center, where we hope to spread some Valentine’s joy with a musical group and cards,” Le said. “Also, we plan on having a bake sale and car wash soon to help us with DCON (The Texas-Oklahoma District Of Key Club) fees so that we can send our officers, potential officers, and anyone passionate about Key Club!”