Construction is coming to Langham Creek


Drake Drymond, Sports Editor

This coming summer the school will kick-off construction that will bring major changes, and renovations to Langham Creek.

“It’s going to be a project that will begin this summer, and be finished next summer,” Principal Hughes said. “It will be renovated in four phases, beginning on the east side, and going upstairs…then going clockwise.”

Among the renovations that will occur, several of them will be safety precautions that the school originally didn’t have in place when it was built.

“The biggest part of the project will be putting in a sprinkler system for fire purposes,” Hughes said.  “The front of the building is going to be changed… there will be a security vestibule where people will walk into and be asked why they’re there and then will be allowed into the building.”

The athletic area will also be renovated with the locker rooms being changed in addition to adding a second weight room.

“We have some new sports now that we didn’t have 34 years ago when the building was built,” Hughes said. “The shower space, the restroom space are being condensed because those areas are not being used as much as they might have originally thought, so some of that space is being re-appropriated into specific locker rooms for specific teams.  They’re adding a new weight room facility, so now we will have 2 weight rooms.”

Additional renovations to the school include new flooring, cabinetry, restrooms, and the folding partition walls will be replaced. With all this construction, the displaced classrooms have to go somewhere. That will come in the form of 20 portables providing 36 classrooms and 2 restrooms.  This will also reopen parking for students.

“The original plan was to put a portable village in the east parking lot once the project was assigned… the construction company looked at the original ideas, and thought it would be better to put the portable village in the back of the school using one of the athletic fields, and when the village is removed we will re-sod the field,” Hughes said.

Overall, despite construction coming, the school will undoubtedly change, but the people, and the community that make up the fabric of the school won’t.

“I do not think the finished project will change Langham Creek,” Hughes said.  ” Langham Creek is what it is… its defined by the people that make up the Langham Creek community.”