National Signing Day

Spencer Gosmano
Owen Okonsky

Drake Drymond, Sports Editor

February 7th.  National signing day. Every year student athletes sign their letters of intent to their respective colleges to advance their academic and athletic careers, this past signing day 7 Lobo athletes signed their letters of intent, with Owen Okonsky, Jermaine Wright, Chris Mehn, Devin Lawrence, Daylon Luza, Sophie Oliver and Nathan Megrew signing with Coastal Carolina, Mid-Western State, Oklahoma Baptist, West Texas A&M, Prairie View A&M, Whitter College, and Chatham College respectively.

For Daylon Luza; he joined fellow teammate Alex Martinez by signing Prairie View A&M University.

“It’s a big honor to see Daylon sign because he was limited as a freshman, and he busted his but to make it happen,” Coach Sedñao said. “I’m proud of him.”

The football program was well represented with 4 former lobo football players signing their letters of intent.  For Chris Mehn he fulfilled a goal he set as a freshman.

“This is a dream… it’s a dream come true,” Mehn said.  “It means a lot, it’s something I set out to do freshman year… just being able to do this is crazy.”

Owen Okonsky signed with Coastal Carolina with big expectations early on in his college career.

“When I get up there, football wise, I would like to play early if I can,” Okonsky said.

Jermain Wright, signed with Mid-Western State with more than just football on his mind.

“It was the best opportunity for me to focus in the classroom,” Wright said.  “I’m going to get my education there, and hopefully major in computer programming.”

Devin Lawrence, signed with West Texas A&M rounding out the group of football players who formed the winningest team in Lobo history.

“I’m really happy to see these guys sign,” Senior Franchesko Ravines said.  “Each and every one of them has helped us create the best team we’ve had in years.”

The Lacrosse program also produced a signee in the form of Nathan Megrew, who signed with Chatham College, making his couch proud.

“It’s super exciting,” Coach Hunt said.  “To be able have his hard work payoff is nice.”

The last athlete to sign was Sophie Oliver who signed with Whitter College for Water Polo.