It’s Time to Jive!


Lauren Washington, Feature Editor

Although many people enjoy music and singing, not everyone has the time or the schedule to fit a choir class into their lives. Many people outside of choir attend the concerts and social events, however, due to their love of music. In order to give these people a chance to showcase their talents without making a commitment to the program, the choir program hosts an annual talent show called “Java Jive”.

Java Jive is a talent show that doesn’t only include people enrolled in choir–anyone can audition, even teachers.

“I’ve been participating in Java Jive since freshman year,” senior Lauren Wells said. “I sing a lot in my free time so I had a few of my favorite songs ready to perform. I’m excited to be singing The House of the Rising Sun by the Animals this year.”

Although she is not in choir, participating in Java Jive gives Wells a chance to pursue her passion for music.

“While schools often focus on academics, Java Jive is a breath of fresh air to the soul,” Wells said. “It’s also really cool when you get to hear people sing who you never knew could sing.”

Although the event is good for people not enrolled in choir, many people in the choir program participate in Java Jive–either alone, with friends also in choir, or friends not involved with the program.

“This is my first time auditioning for Java Jive, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous,” senior Jasmine Moreno, who has been a part of the choir program since her freshman year, said. “It’s kind of like the audition process for our Pop Show, except there’s no track behind you–there’s a lot of pressure to get everything right.”

Like many other people in the choir program, Moreno sees Java Jive as a fun and important way to reach out to students that love music, but aren’t part of the choir program.

“I think Java Jive really gets people interested in the choir program,” Moreno said. “Some people may love performing but they don’t have the room in their schedule to be in choir, or maybe they feel unsure about it. I feel like it gives people a little insight on what our program is really about.”

After a round of auditions, Java Jive will be hosted in the library on May 1st.