Homecoming Hopefuls

Niamh Clarke, Reporter

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Homecoming is coming up fast and you know what that means, the homecoming court must be chosen. Seniors have the opportunity to be the King and Queen, and Juniors have the opportunity to become the Duke and Duchess of the November 3rd Homecoming dance.

“When I was a sophomore, there was a Senior named Bejon Iscandri who won Homecoming King,” senior Ariana Gordon said. “Because he was in the band, it gave me hope that I could be a part of the court too.”

However, you must be nominated by the student body in order to earn these prestigious titles, so students are rounding up their friends in an effort to gather votes.

“My friends were beyond excited when I told them I was going to run and have been very supportive,” Junior Audrey Baker said.

Many students like Baker are running because of their love of homecoming and homecoming week. But for others, there is a deeper meaning. Senior Antwan Richardson has been working hard for the title of King, and his reason is the Lobo Band.

“We don’t get a whole lot of recognition and I want that to end this year,” Richardson said. “ I want people to know that the band is quite cool and we are really good at what we do. If I won it would truly mean a lot. It’d be a win for all of us in the Band.”

Voting ended today, October 5th, and many students are hoping the results are in their favor. Gordon has plans for her and her friends if she is lucky enough to be Homecoming Queen.

“After the Homecoming game, we’d all have to go celebrate with some Whataburger,” Gordon said.

And for those nervous students thinking of running for the 2019 Court, Baker has some words of encouragement to get you started.

“It really is a fun process of promoting yourself and your incredible school spirit,”  Baker said. “Even if you don’t win I think the most important thing is to remember that it’s for fun and to represent the school.”