Langham VS Cy-Falls Soccer Game

After an incredible game on Tuesday, our soccer team moves forward with another win in our pocket (making a total 19 wins)  but with a strengthened rivalry between us and Cy-Falls.

The new Dave Hughes Cup, introduced for the first time at Tuesday’s game, is an award only available for Langham and Falls to win. This strengthened the rivalry drastically leading up to the game and gave both teams something new and exciting to fight for. And boy did they fight.

Players from both teams came out pumped and ready to win. During the first half of the game, both seemed evenly matched in both speed and skill, but we had the most possession of the ball. The first half ended with a tied score of 1-1.

The second half started up quickly as both teams saw the opportunity to take the lead. As time went on the game seemed as if it would end in a draw, but with 5 ½ minutes left on the clock, John Guerrero scored a stunning goal for our team making the score 2-1.

Cy-falls tried desperately to equalize once again as the clock counted down but ultimately failed to do so. The ref blew the whistle at full time and we became the first winners of the prestigious cup.

Principal Hughes walked across the field to congratulate this year’s winners and after a short but inspiring speech, the team was allowed to pose and show off their winnings to the screaming crowd.

The soccer team will now keep the trophy until our next face off with Cy-Falls where they will compete for the title once again.