New Renovations

Lucy Kinkel, Reporter

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       At the beginning of the spring semester, the students had access to the newly renovated upper east wing. The renovation included new carpet and walls, a soundproof system and some extra additional features, such as better Wi-Fi.

Some of the teachers that were moved to the newly renovated upper east wing are pleased with the new features.

        “I think they are really great, I love the whiteboard walls, and I like the soundproof system, and the Wi-Fi seems to be a little faster,” US history teacher Mr. Dean said.

        “Langham Creek is the oldest Cy-Fair high school without undergoing renovations,” principal Mr. Hughes said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle.

Newer high schools like Cypress Park and Bridgeland have all their rooms updated, and Langham Creek is trying to catch up with them.

        Opinions are mixed among students about the new renovations espically the new room formats.

        “I don’t really like them. They kind of feel like a prison,” Senior Jennifer Salazar said. “I would add more color; the walls are plain and boring, allowing less creative thinking.”

        The opinions are split with the new whiteboard walls as well. While some think that the whiteboards won’t be particularly useful most think it will be a good investment. 

        “I already used one of the walls for a calendar and I plan on using the other ones,” Mr. Dean said.

        Regardless of the renovations, the portables are still on the west side of the school. For some students, it is hard to get from the portables to the upper east wing and vice versa.

        “I am always late for class,” Salazar said.

        Tardy sweeps didn’t start until the end of the week, so the students had time to find the right way to walk from class to class without missing the tardy bell.

        “The students have to plan their day accordingly,” Mr. Dean said.

        The renovations are expected to end sometime in 2020.