Air Pods- The Building Trend

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Air Pods- The Building Trend

Nick Hernandez, Sports Editor

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Up and down the halls and around the corners of school; students are plugged in their own options of music wearing AirPods. Although AirPods were released on September 6th of 2016, the trend started to build up after the Holiday season. According to Apple, AirPods were the biggest selling item of Christmas of 2018.

A good amount of the school had already purchased the item after the first release, but after the semester break almost the entire school had them in their pocket. Word going around school was that students would get the AirPods to one up each other.

“It was expecting to see everyone wearing AirPods because there was a meme going around the internet,” freshman Luke Germenis said.

Users who have owned the AirPods since the first release have influenced their or peers to purchase their own AirPods which started the growing trend.

“I was expecting for everyone to have them for the reason that it was Christmas. I was not jealous for everyone to have them because I had them before everyone else,” freshman Ryan Berger said.

AirPods, before they were the new trend, were stolen due to the price of $160 per pair. Because of the trend, the need for stealing AirPods has gone down.

“I remembered how handy they were, and I was really upset that they got stolen,” freshman Madilyn Murray said.

According to Kob Monney of Trusted Reviews, Apple will be announcing the release for AirPods 2 in October with “a killer new feature”.