Top Five Trump Tweets

Kyia Brocken, Journalist, Photo editor

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President of the United States. A title given to only the most deserving and dependable of people. This person represents the citizens of our country. They are the face of the United States and have a solid background in politics. This person is… Donald Trump? TV personality? Active hate tweeter? Well… OK.

We’ve compiled a short list of terrible tweets from our 45th head of state from before his election to more current tweets, we’re taking a look at the lot of them.


Sadly, because President Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations!

-Donald J. Trump(@RealDonaldTrump) November 25,2014

Um…. excuse me? 


Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!

-Donald J. Trump(@RealDonaldTrump) January 26, 2017

Sorry, I’m getting a little bit of whiplash here.


I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th [9/11]

-Donald J. Trump(@RealDonaldTrump) September 11, 2013

All inclusive? We love it.


The Fake News Media is going CRAZY! They are totally unhinged and in many ways, after witnessing first hand the damage they do to so many innocent and decent people, I enjoy watching. In 7 years, when I am no longer in office, their ratings will dry up and they will be gone!

-Donald J. Trump(@RealDonaldTrump) July 31, 2018

Yes, because the news will definitely disappear after Trump’s presidency and there was no such thing as the news before Trump. Also, did he say 7 years? 


I don’t know how much longer I can take this bull

-Donald J. Trump (@RealDonaldTrump) March 2, 2014

We definitely feel ya there.