The Worst Valentine’s Day


Annca Schweiz

Mary Boyle, Site Editor

Valentine’s day, a day for love and chocolate with the occasional stuffed bear. Everyone has different ways to spend this special day, most would like to spend it with a boyfriend or girlfriend and some just want to be alone in their sorrows. But what would be the worst valentines day to students of Langham creek?

“Having my boyfriend give his/my best friend a gift and forgetting me,” freshman Kasey Diaz said. “Being alone, not being in a relationship or being alone in general,” sophomore Yuri Dos Santos said.

Another question asked was what would be the worst present to receive on this heart filled day? “Old flowers,” sophomore Caroline Cabrera said. And both Yuri and Kasey said they just wouldn’t want to not receive anything at all. Although a contrasting opinion was given, junior Gustavo Almiron said the worst present to receive would be a friery bag of poop.

Although valentine’s day can mean different things to different people all had one thing in common, and that was to spend it with a loved one. How would you want to spend your valentine’s day? Or share your worst moments. Let us know in the comments section.