Baseball Preview

Mya Gallegos, Reporter

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People in the stands, players perched on the edge of their seats as they watch as their teammate go up to bat. Sweat drips from their heads, too focused to care. Too focused on a game that could either make or break how the season turns out. Then, suddenly, the red stitches on the ball head toward them in a blur. Baseball season has officially begun.

The team is really putting themselves out there. Working hard for that bright future.

“We work weights and we mostly run,” Coach Berry said. “We mostly practice by throwing long toss, since we have power at the plate and speed on the base.”

Baseball player Lorenzo Denning also had something to say as well. “I have been staying everyday working on my game,” Denning said. “We are going to win every game since we are going all the way.”

This year, this squads goal is to win District and make playoffs. To prove they can go to State with the pressure on. They want a challenge.