Sophomore Soccer Dominates the District

Nicholas Hernandez, Reporter

  The Langham Creek Sophomore Soccer team had an away conference game against Cy Ranch High School and shut them out with a score of 3-0. This isn’t the first shutout they’ve had or the second. Every game the Sophomore team attended has been a shutout for the opposing teams.

      “It feels very glorifying since we are in first, there are other people coming for us, and we have to be ready,” freshman Derek Martinez said.

      The past nine games have been a victory for the team. Although, along the way, they have had numerous amounts of intense competition.

      “In my opinion, Cy Lakes was our biggest game, so since we face them again in round two, it will be a pretty good game,” freshman Nolan Billings said.

      The talent and mentality of this team comes from multiple amounts of practice day after day. The team practices Monday through Friday every day after school for almost two hours.

      “We practice everyday after school because you feel like every game you have to be on point, and we can’t do any little mess ups or it’ll cost us our spots,” Martinez said.

      The journey won’t be easy for the team, but it sure will be breathtaking to take a first place District title.

      “It kind of feels stressful being undefeated when you have all these teams trying to come and be the team that beats you,” Billings said.

      Although it is called a sophomore team, it mainly consists of freshman.

      The Sophomore team faces Cy Woods at a home conference game Friday, the 22nd, and hopes to take home another win.