Debate UIL

Haithem Alzughaier, Reporter

     After their debate tournament in UC Berkeley and the UT Austin, the debate teams are going to be competing this full weekend, March 28 to 30 after intense preparations.

     “Tournament-wise, I always stay after school every Tuesday for Debate Club meetings to help people out, but when tournaments come around it can be Tuesday through Thursday,” Debate president Isabella Mandell said. “When we were getting ready for California, everyone was trying to stay after for UC Berkeley because that was a national tournament.”

     Debate doesn’t just have one team, and it could range from poetry to hard United States politics.

     “Such go all the way to duo and duet which is acting together with a friend, oratory, informative… and we also have extemp which talks about politics and would make up a speech in 30 minutes, but my favorite are debating events. I do policy debate, and it goes on actual policies in the United States which varies from immigration to military,” Mandell said.

     The Debate Club is also an interesting club, involving debates and cookies.

     “During the Debate Club, we will either have social events or we will actually debate each other,” Mandell said. “We get a three person group, two people debate and one person judges. When we do the three person debate we usually do it for oreos and it’s competitive.”

     The last time the Policy Debate Team competed at UT Austin, they were given 8000 dollars in scholarships just for attending.