Greek Tony’s Pizza & Sub Shop: Review

Aaliyah Hamilton, Reporter

Everyone likes a good local restaurant. Especially places that are only a block away from school. Greek Tony’s Pizza & Sub Shop is one of those restaurants, so of course I had to try it.                      

As soon as I found out about this place, I decided  to check out the menu. To my surprise, they had many courses to choose from, which was unexpected for such a small restaurant. The menu items ranged from things like something called a “Toxic” pizza that consists of shrimp, garlic, oregano, mozzarella cheese and Tabasco sauce, to gyros and mushroom cheese burgers.

After gazing at the menu for about fifteen minutes, I finally had the urge to have food delivered to my house. My family and I got a chicken spinach pizza, a Texas sub, the Bbq sub, and a slice of marble cake. Our total price came out to quite steep, considering the fact that it was only my mom, dad, and I that were eating.

We were told our food would arrive in 40 minutes, but arrived almost an hour later which wasn’t a big deal to me because I don’t mind waiting. Once we did receive our meals, we were eager to dig in. As soon as I opened the box to my pizza, I noticed the tomatoes on it were a bit old and limp, but still edible, so I went ahead and chowed down.

Biting into the pizza was quite hard since I had just got my braces tightened, but also because the crust was very crispy. I was expecting to bite into a very saucy and cheesy pizza but got something that tasted like a goldfish cracker.

My parents meals weren’t any better. Both subs were put together nicely, but were both burnt and bland without the use of our own barbecue sauce.

While I was a bit disappointed with my food, dessert never fails. At first I thought marble cake was a chocolate and vanilla swirl. Turns out I just got straight up chocolate, but maybe the name was due to the tiny white chocolate garnish on the top. The cake tasted like it was made out of a box then put in the fridge for a while. It wasn’t bad, but I was really hoping it would make up for the lack of excitement from my pizza.

I don’t think I’ll be order from this place anytime soon. Maybe we just got a bad batch ,but I give Greek Tony’s 2 howls out of 5.