The Big Bad STAAR

Zahara Latson, A&E Editor

The STAAR test is on the horizon and students and Teachers all over Texas are getting prepared the best way that they can. This test is taken annually by all Texas students and for a lot of teens they do not view the test as important.

“In elementary they teach you that you have to pass the test and you have to get through it, then you get to high school and you couldn’t care less,”sophomore Indya Shrout-Jordan said.

However, it is necessary for you to pass the STAAR for graduation purposes and grade level advancement.

“If a student does not pass one of their state exams , even if they are a senior and they have all their credits, you will not graduate or receive your diploma,” math teacher Mrs. McCasland said.”It is a requirement of the state.” 

Many of our Administrators like our testing coordinator Mrs. Cathy Briggs do a lot to get the STAAR testing prepared for students and teachers.

“There is a lot of preparation, way ahead of time, all year long,” Briggs said.  “It impacts the entire school, and everybody gets disrupted. Their classes all get changed, the bell schedule gets changed, so it is a stressful time for everybody.”

For Mrs. Briggs it is of the upmost importance to have all the materials and information needed for the exams. This can be a hassle which can require help from other admin and teachers to get the job done.

“It’s a lot of late nights,” Briggs said .

The dates for STAAR testing include. Apr 9th for English I, Apr 11th for English II, May 5th for Geometry, May 6th for Biology, May 7th for Algebra I, May 8th for US History.