Third Party Candidates

With the presidential primaries coming up in February, Democrat and Republican candidates are campaigning more than ever to win those still undecided votes, but these aren’t the only parties and candidates running. The third parties range from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party to the Prohibition Party.

A more well-known 3rd party, the Green Party, is known for their Environmentalist policies and the social welfare programs they support. One of the candidates for the Green Party for the 2016 presidential elections are Jill Stein, a physician and two time candidate for Governor of Massachusetts who was the 2012 presidential nominee for the Green Party. Stein is running against Darryl Cherney, an environmental activist from California.

The Libertarian Party is based on the ideas of personal liberty and support of the free market and small government. Although the candidate Rand Paul is running for the Republican Party who is regarded by many as a Libertarian, he is not running for the party. There are several candidates running for the Libertarian Party, Marc Allen Feldman from Ohio, Gary Johnson from New Mexico,  John McAfee from Tennessee and Austin Peterson from Missouri.

Those are the more well-known third parties, but the oldest third party in the United States, the Prohibition Party, is being represented by candidate James Hedge from Pennsylvania. This party is small, having gotten only 519 votes in the 2012 elections.

Third parties usually don’t get many votes in the presidential elections, they just shape how the Democratic and Republican parties handle issues facing the United States.