Student Council Documentary Day

Sarah Pinkerton, Editorial Editor

Student Council recently hosted their annual Documentary Day for the third year in a row along with the SAGE, SPARKS and Diversity clubs. The students met in Ms. Lombardi’s classroom after school on Thursday, January 28th to watch a documentary focused on social media and the digital age while also hosting a discussion to hear differing opinions on how technology actually affects our generation and the future developments that will come from technology.

“I really like documentary day because the discussion afterwards really opens my mind to how other people feel about it and just makes me feel a little more welcome because people feel the same way as I do,” sophomore Kimmie Nguyen said.

The documentary focused on the effects of multitasking and social media on our generation, it covered an experiment on college students and how well they multi task, it also compared America’s use to Asia’s use and displayed how technology has evolved from the 90’s to now.

“It had a great impact because I feel like I didn’t realize how distracted we get with technology and how our mind is working 30 million times faster and we’re just getting confused and distracted by so many things,” sophomore Jocelyn Sanchez said.

The documentary also highlighted online gaming and the relationships made while showcasing technology in school by comparing online textbooks vs. physical textbooks and how the learning rates in certain schools have increased with the introduction of interactive lesson plans through technology.

“Technology is moving at such a fast pace but it takes us a while to see the effects of it…technology is already ahead of us so it’s like an endless cycle of us always being behind,” Kimmie Nguyen said.

Many students agree the impact left on them after attending is much greater than they anticipated and how useful it would be for the student body to hear as well.

“I feel like this day is very inspiring and I think it’s important-every topic that we do is important for everyone to hear,” Student Council member Crystal Kurian said.

The first year Documentary Day was held the discussion covered bullying, while last year the discussion was focused on the treatment of transgender people today. The goal is for the documentaries and discussion to positively impact the students in attendance.

“This is the first time I’ve attended documentary day. It was interesting, I didn’t think it was going to be like this. I thought it was just going to be a random video about social media and ‘how it affects teens’ but no, they actually opened my mind up to see how it’s affecting everyone and I do plan on going next year,” Jocelyn Sanchez said.