Last Day of Prom Closet


Photo taken from Andre Elementary School’s Facebook.

April 23rd is the last day of the CFISD Prom Closet for any students that are still looking for the outfit of their dreams.

But what is the prom closet?

The CFISD Prom Closet is an event fundraised by Harris County, The Giving Gown Foundation in addition to many local community members and is hosted by Andre Elementary School. It offers students a free and tremendous selection of prom-related items, including prom gowns. 

“Prom Closet provides more opportunities for students to take part in prom without worrying about not being able to afford the cost of clothes and accessories,” Head Counselor Brian Finnerty said, “At worst, students may need to make a few alterations.”

This is the first year Prom Closet is being held and is an extension of the popular Leopard Closet that Andre has hosted for several years now. Despite the event being fairly new, volunteers have been able to gather an abundance of gowns and suits for seniors.

“We have received over 150 gowns and so far only distributed about 30 of them since we opened,” Finnerty said.

While a wide selection of the clothing offered is primarily made up of prom gowns and shoes, there is a small selection of men’s suits, ties, and accessories.

“We provide prom dresses in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes in hopes of our senior girls finding their perfect dress for prom.” Community Youth Service Specialist Teneisha Green said,  “As we continue to collect donations we will work on expanding our male inventory.”

Most items, as you would expect, were worn once are in excellent condition and ready to be worn again. Volunteers encourage students to attend the Prom Closet on April 23rd, as it is the last one of the year. So head down to Andre Elementary school (Portable #244) from 3pm-5pm, and find the prom outfit of your dreams.