Meeting Frau Wyatt

Connor Duskie, Head Editor

One of the many things that sets Langham Creek apart from nearby high schools are some of the unique course offered here. Two of those courses, AP Seminar and German, are taught by Hillary Wyatt.

Ms. Wyatt, or as she prefers to be called Frau (Ms. in German) Wyatt, got her degree from UT, Austin and has been teaching for six years, all at Langham Creek. She plans to stay here for the foreseeable future.

“Langham Creek is a great school, I love being here.”

Teaching a language that, unlike Spanish or Sign Language, doesn’t have many fluent speakers nearby is a difficult task. However, Wyatt has found ways to spice it up and get her students excited about learning.

“I like to randomly quiz them on pop culture, like name all of the Infinity Stones.”

In her classes, pop culture references like that are a common method to help students learn the material and have fun. Another method she uses is games like Hachi Pachi, which is similar to hot potato, but before a ball is thrown, the proper German phrase must be said.

“The difficult material becomes easier because it’s fun.”

Another way she aims to make students feel involved is by incorporating German customs into class. For example, instead of clapping, they do the German equivalent, knocking on the table with their knuckles. This in her opinion helps the students get passionate about a topic.

“It’s really cheesy, but I really like it when students get really passionate about a topic, like when they tell me they want to go to Germany because of this class.”

German isn’t the only class Frau Wyatt teaches; she also is the only AP Seminar teacher, a class which she describes as being about studying and presenting topics the student chooses.

“You get to pick what you’re passionate about and put it in an academic setting.”

This class is relatively new on campus only, this being the third year of its existence. And while the class is growing, she always wants to recruit new students for this class.