An Athletes Summer

Lucy Kinkel, Reporter

     Summer, for most students, means relaxing or hanging out with their friends and going on vacation. However, for school athletes summer means working out.

     School is almost over and for some sports, summer practice has already started. While some athletes have to start swimming, others have to throw a ball back and forth during the hot Houston weather.

     “The heat is really strong, so you need to pack a bunch of sunscreen,” freshman swimmer Sasha Vora said. “But it all goes away whenever you dive into the pool, which is refreshing and satisfying at the same time.”

     While some sports only go through half of the summer break, sports like football have to practice all summer long.

     “We come here for STP with multiple school coaches,” junior Ernest Thomas said.

     STP, short for strength training program, is a way for students to be ready for when the new school year starts.

    “You are stronger, faster, while everyone else is sleeping you are working out. You have to do it if you want to be on Varsity to start,” Thomas said.
     The Langham Creek Bailadoras are practicing as well, practicing for the upcoming football season.

     “We have a dance boot camp during the summer for ten hours,” freshman Bailadora Amanda Garcia said.

     Some sports have competitions during the summer break. They give a break from repeatedly learning drills and give the students an opportunity to show the coach that they might be fit for Varsity.

     “The atmosphere of the meets are so fun! Everyone is constantly cheering for each other and congratulating each other after races,” Vora said. “It’s amazing to be a part of such a supportive summer league team.”

     For most students, deciding which of the seasons is their favorite is fairly easy.

     “Definitely regular football season, because in summer I want to sleep and it is early in the morning. It’s tiring,” Thomas said.

      Every athlete recommends joining a summer team, because it will give a good impression to their coach and is also benefiting for the student themself.