Freshman Survival Guide

Aaliyah Hamilton, Reporter

Freshman year is a very crucial part of your high school career, but it can also be the scariest part of it. High school is a whole new world compared to middle school. Here are a  few tips and tricks that’ll help you survive your freshman year.                                

Have knowledge of your campus. Langham is a large and confusing campus that many freshmen won’t get down immediately. It’s helpful to know a bunch of shortcuts, even if you got your specific route down, you should still know in case of room re-locations or a switch of a schedule.

Make sure to stay on top of your grades. Your grades in your freshman year play a big role in your grade point average and it’s very crucial to not slack off in your classes. Keep up with all your home and class work, and if you’re struggling in any of your classes, be sure to stay for tutoring or ask for any extra credit to help bump-up your grades.

You’re at school for eight hours a day, so it’s important to fill your body with nutrients. If you think you don’t have time to eat breakfast, you are able to buy some at school. It’s easy to drift your focus away from your classes if you don’t have anything in your body, so keep a little snack in your backpack as well and eat it in class if your teachers are okay with that. Also, eat a good lunch. We have a whole 30 minutes dedicated to eating, so you might as well take advantage of that.

And last but not least, just have fun. High school is your final stretch before adulthood and the years we’ll remember most, so we shouldn’t look back and regret not going to Homecoming or even just hanging out with your friends at a football game, make your freshman year a memorable one.