Get the Facts on the Gun Scare at Langham

Aaliyah Hamilton, Reporter

On Friday at 9:50 a.m., CFISD police officers received a tip that a former student inside of Langham was reported to be in possession of a weapon. He was apprehended by officers and no one was hurt during the event. 

A weapon was discovered in his possession and the school went into “lockdown” mode as a precautionary measure. Once it was safe to lift the lockdown procedure at 10:30, the school worked to reunify students with their parents who came to the campus to pick them up and all students were released with buses made available at 12:45pm.

The Langham staff works to follow up on all tips and reports to create a safe school environment for students and staff at school. Although no one was hurt on friday, the staff understands that events like this can trigger reactions and intense feelings.

Beginning today, there will be increased police presence on campus and counseling support if students are in need of someone to talk to about their feelings or reactions regarding what happened on Friday, they can ask teachers and administrators to be escorted to the teaching theater for help.