Principal Hughes Is Retiring


Drake Drymond, Head Editor

After 36 years of teaching, coaching, and being a principal at Langham Creek, Principal David Hughes is retiring.  

“There comes a time in everyone’s career where they want to retire,” Hughes said. “So for me this has been 41 years of education… its just a good time.”

Hughes went public with his announcement to retire as he broke the news to his teachers and staff last Monday. He made the decision to retire at the end of the semester in order to provide a smooth transition for his successor.

“When students come back in January, there will be a new principal,” Hughes said. “It’s a good opportunity for someone new to come in or someone who’s on the campus to come in and familiarize themselves with the campus and hire staff for the next school year.”

For Hughes his career will end right where it started: at Langham Creek. This offers him a unique perspective on the evolution of the school and the community over time.

“When the school first opened it was pretty rural,” Hughes said. “A  lot of the buildings and neighborhoods that are here now weren’t there. The school has changed overtime in terms of makeup… but the campus has always done well in terms of academics and that hasn’t changed. 

Looking ahead, Hughes is optimistic about what retirement has in store for him.

“It’ll probably be an adjustment, and maybe there’ll be other opportunities that will arise that I will decide that I want to pursue,” Hughes said. “I’ve joked about not setting the alarm clock to get up. I like to do a lot of things around the house, and travel around the country to visit places. I enjoy going to historical places and checking them out.”

In the end, as his time as principal comes to a close, Hughes is able to look back at a lifetime of memories and accomplishments with Langham Creek at the center of it all.

“Over 41 years there are a lot of great moments,” Hughes said. “But to start my career in Cy-Fair and at Langham, and to end it at Langham Creek is great.”