A Farewell to the Pack Leader

Marc Carrillo

As the 1st semester of the 2019-2020 school year concludes; we prepare to say farewell to the mightiest of Lobo’s. Principal David Hughes, you have been a great administrator, and a tremendous friend to all. We’ll miss you dearly and hope that you have a great retirement. We hope to see you at our graduation and are sadden that you won’t be there to wish us luck on our new journey in life.

When asked what made Principal Hughes stick out, Mr. Mendez responded, “Mr. Hughes, every morning, whether it’s breakfast or lunch always has those white gloves on and ALWAYS ALWAYS helps with picking up trash.”

Many can best describe David as being a humble and caring individual. Regardless of the fact that he holds the highest position and highest authority, you’ll always see him out in the halls greeting and smiling as he watches his great students walk by.

“He’s been more than just a principal; he’s been a friend. He works along besides us, if he’s going to ask us to do something, he’s going to do it as well.” Dr. Stephenson said “He’s a fabulous person. He goes above and beyond. Mr. Hughes, I hope you have a wonderful retirement, and hope to still get to spend some time with you and your family, because you’ve become a friend”.

Mrs. Gonzales had this to say, “you’ll hardly ever see Mr. Hughes sitting behind a desk, he’s at every sporting event, and really supportive of every club or organization. He finds time to get to know his students and parents and that’s what makes him so great! Thank you, Mr. Hughes, you’ve given me a lot of knowledge and always been very caring. You’ve made us all become a family, a big family of students and staff. That’s what causes us to stick out compared to other schools, is that we function like a big family.”

One thing that many realize after spending time with Mr. Hughes, is his kindness Mrs. Nolen said. “He always sees the best in people, and definitely brings out the best in people. I can’t think of my favorite memory with him, there’s so many. He’s such a Lobo, from the fact that he was here when Langham opened, and that he’s retiring from here. He’s part of the fabric of this school. You’ll be greatly missed, and it’s going to be hard to imagine Langham without you.”

“Enjoy your retirement, thank you for making all my years here at Langham pleasurable” Mrs. Reeder said.

Ms. Meldahl said, “Mr. Hughes leadership style and working with him just really furthers the culture of family that is among the staff. I think the students even feel that sense of family, and that we all belong here. Thank you for your mentorship, kindness, and support. You’ve made an impact and have certainly left your mark on Lobo nation.

The hilarious random announcements of bats in the school again will definitely be missed Mr. Hughes. Thank you for making Langham what it is today. I think we can all agree that you’ve been nothing but extraordinary. Please come back and visit.

Dr. Martinez, you certainly have big shoes to feel. We welcome you and hope your position as the newest Pack leader is enjoyable.