Girls Soccer Preview

Aaliyah Hamilton, Reporter

The Lobo Girls Varsity Soccer team is prepared for their upcoming season with their first scrimmage on friday, Dec. 13th.

“We have been training hard everyday,” Captain Julia Murray said. “There’s still more that needs to be worked on each day as new players get added, people get injured and etc. The season is coming fast which is hitting all of us.”

After losing last year’s seniors, they want to create a greater bond between the new and returning members. 

“New people get added to the team each year, while seniors are leaving as well,” Murray said. “It’s just girls that are always thrown in together that don’t know each other well. In addition, there is always drama in the mix of that so people on the team don’t always know each other.”

With the team’s new found chemistry, they all have an equal part in stepping up.

“We’re taking every practice day-by-day to get better and gain chemistry and we’ll be ready by season,” Guzman said. 

They want to showcase everything they’ve worked so hard on and how they’re really connected as a team. 

“I hope when people watch us play they can see the heart we have and how we won’t stop giving it our all,” Guzman said.