2019 Wrapped Pop Show

The 2019 Wrapped Pop Show, presented by the Choir, entertained viewers and guests for about an hour on Friday before it was over. Then once more, the next day, for one more hour.

A total of 2 hours of presentation.

Behind it, 2 months of preparation.

“There were probably about 170 students involved in the production,” freshman choir member Ana-Cristina Castro said. 

Directors began laying out the outline of the show at the beginning of December, choosing songs and music, and applications for solos opened December 17th.

“Each song had two-to-three parts,” Castro said. “Except for solos, and there were a lot of those.”

The month before was spent in preparation for the upcoming event.

“We spent all of January working on our class’s song, and learned the choreography for it,” Castro said.

The week and morning before opening night meant more rehearsals and pre-show chaos.

“Monday through Thursday we had rehearsals after school,” she said. “We arrived early, before the show, on Friday and Saturday. We had parents volunteering to set up, and the stage crew fixing the sound system.”

Although rehearsals were lengthy, Castro enjoyed both the process and the end result.

“I got to watch incredible acts and spend time with other people who love to sing as much as I do,” Castro said. “It was definitely worth it, and since I’m planning on doing choir all four years, I’ll be doing it for another three years to come.”