Graduation Cap and Gown


fatima khezri

your marvelous red sleek cap and gown

Fatima Khezri, Reporter

The excitement is rising for the future graduates of 2019-2020! In a few months seniors will be walking across the stage in their sleek cap and gown, waving out to the proud audience. But in order for that to happen, students need to buy their cap and gown soon before the end of the year. 

Many seniors have been questioning where you can get your cap and gown and how much it will cost them.

“You can purchase your cap and gown through ,” Balfour representative said. “If you need any assistance purchasing your cap and gown, don’t be shy to ask for help or contact us at Balfour.”

Senior year is full of excitement. As an incentive to the graduates that worked hard and persevered through High School, Balfour offers dozens of different senior merchandise that you can buy and wear/use for the rest of your life.

“I bought a really cool senior water bottle and a Nike dry-fit shirt that says ‘class of 2020’,” Senior Marc Carrillo said. “I’m so excited.”

 Students often feel anxious  about buying their cap and gowns online, fearing  it won’t fit them properly. But don’t worry about that because it’ll all be taken care of.

“When you go online to purchase your attire, Balfour will ask you for your height and weight,” Balfour representative said. “With those specifications, they will make your gown and it’s guaranteed to fit.” 

If you have any concerns or need any assistance purchasing your attire, you can talk to a counselor. Seniors don’t forget to purchase your class of 2020 cap and gown before the school year comes to an end! It seems far away but May 27th is right around the corner. Don’t miss out on throwing that cap up in the air like you just don’t care. *Graduation music plays*