2D Art Students Advance To State VASE Competition


Fatima Kherzi

Fatima Kherzi recieved a perfect score and advanced to state with her photo “Family.”

Six students advanced to the State VASE competition in 2D art after competing in the regional competition last Saturday. The winners were senior Steve Arimokwu, senior Thuy-Tien Celeste Nguyen, senior Fatima Kherzi, sophomore Katelyn Gutierrez, freshman Vivian Pham, and freshman Bao Tran Hua Nguyen.

“I’m really shocked,” Kherzi said. “I’m really happy and proud of myself because I feel like I’m making the most of my senior year and that was my goal from the beginning. It’s okay if I don’t make it past state, but I’m just really happy I made it this far.”

Kherzi was deeply influenced by her Muslim religion and wanted to express how it affected her perspective of the world.

“My religion and beliefs teach me how to improve in my everyday life and I wanted my work to portray a personal theme,” Kherzi said. 

Gutierrez has been competing in VASE since middle school and is celebrating her second time advancing to the state competitions. 

“I feel more confident this time,” Gutierrez said. “It makes me happy that my work made it.”

During VASE regionals, an interview process dictates the score an artwork receives. Questions asked can range from technical and skill-based interrogation to analyzing the meaning behind the artwork.

“I was really calm the whole time,” Gutierrez said. “I did get slightly anxious at the interview, but when I met her (the juror) she was really cool.”

Overall, students were proud of their accomplishments and hope to excel at the state VASE competitions.

“Even if I hadn’t advanced I would’ve been happy because I had a lot of fun,” Kherzi said. “It was a great experience.”