Why Senior Related Events Shouldn’t be Canceled

The new statewide issue regarding the closure of schools until May 4 directly impacts the senior 2020 Prom date which is scheduled for May 1. This also begs the question of whether or not graduation be affected in addition to the district completely canceling all senior-related events. 

Seeing as the situation at hand is out of anyone’s control, the cancelation of Graduation and Prom is unfair for the graduating class of 2020. 

By canceling traditional events for seniors, it implies that the hard work and effort they put in for the last 12 years is meaningless. There are a handful of people commenting on the matter that seniors just need to deal with the fact some events will be canceled and that they should be glad they passed. The problem with this is that nobody has actually faced a pandemic before and having every plan or event abruptly canceled is very disheartening.  

Prom and graduation are monumental moments within many people’s lives, but the class of 2020 might not have those memories. Many seniors dream about the day they can walk across that stage and finally graduate, but with the possibility of the administration canceling everything, seniors are left wondering if they’ll ever have a proper send-off into the real world. 

Finally, the money spent on Prom and Graduation attire will have gone to waste, most of which can’t be returned. Both events are big investments from prom dresses, graduation cap and gowns,  graduation party invitations, and senior portraits. 

Nobody knows when this will all be over and done with, and that’s why instead of canceling important events the administrative staff should postpone graduation and prom until a later time when social distancing won’t be an issue. 

The school board should strongly consider rescheduling these events.