Lobo football

Joey Clavin, Reporter

Covid-19 has affected almost everything, including sports, but the Lobo football season will still persevere. Although last years football season ended with a record of 2-8 in district play and not making the playoffs, it is a new season with new players. The Lobos have been practicing ferociously with the first game of the season less than a week away.

“It really sucks having a pandemic right now because we couldn’t start practice til school had started, and even then we could not be in pads till about a couple days into the school year,”  Quarterback Tanner Murray said. For the Lobos to hold their football season in the middle of a pandemic, they have had to adjust to an abundance of new rules from the UIL. One way Covid-19 has really affected the team was how late they started practice. Normally the team would have started in the summer with STP, but they were not allowed because of the pandemic.

“I think that we have a really good shot at making the playoffs this year, also I think we will do a lot better than our last season,” starting offensive lineman Chandler Magee said.

One thing the Lobos have been working on in practice is their communication on the field. “I think it was one thing that we really could have done better last season, and we have definitely been working on it a lot during practice,” starting offensive lineman Cade Hanks said.

One of the Lobos toughest opponents this year looks to be Cy-Ranch, who previously beat  Langham in their last matchup. But, it should be a different story this year. The Lobos have been practicing non-stop. One of their goals this year is to make the playoffs. “It will definitely be difficult, but I think that we can do it,” Magee said.