Preparation begins for Scholastic Photography Competition

Adriana Oberto, Reporter

Photography students are preparing for the Scholastic Photography Competition that takes place at the end of the year. But it is looking like numbers will be lower this year.

Usually many people are a part of this competition, but because of covid we are having less participation from students.

“Right now I think three or four students are participating but usually I have 20,” photography teacher Elizabeth Martinez said. “I think that number could change before the deadline, but I think I’m going to have lower numbers because of the pandemic.”

The few students that are participating are very excited to show off their work for the first time and they leapt at the opportunity. 

“I chose to participate in scholastic this year because photography is something I really enjoy and I want to get some evaluation from others,” junior Aaliyah Hamilton said. “I’m also looking forward to seeing just how far my work can go.”

Students that aren’t going to be participating have other priorities that aren’t necessarily photography. Also, a lot of those people don’t think that they are ready for the contest just yet. 

“I don’t really have time for anything other than school right now so I’m going to be missing out on this competition,” sophomore Jazmin Racancoj said. “I definitely want to improve my photography skills before I enter a contest. I also don’t want to participate until I know that I can give my best effort.”

This is a very competitive contest that shouldn’t be taken lightly and takes a long time to prepare for.

“Yes I encourage students to participate, but I am also very honest,” Martinez said. “If I don’t think you have a chance of winning I’ll say reshoot before you do it so you don’t waste your money.”

Connect students don’t have as many possibilities to receive advice and counselling from the photography teachers which might influence their decision.

“The only disadvantage is that I can’t really have as much guidance from Ms. Martinez as the in person students,” Hamilton said. “I feel more comfortable when it’s just her one-on-one rather than having to speak up on zoom.”

But they also have better opportunities to arrange and develop their photos.

“I think if I had more time in general I’d have more of an advantage because I’m online and being at home would give me more time to work on my photos,” Racancoj said.

When you are at home there are many interruptions that make it more difficult to focus on your photographs.

“I just personally feel like it is easier,” sophomore Emme Ramirez said. “When you’re in class you really think about how you want your pictures to turn out cause you don’t have as many distractions.”

The photography teachers think that being at home rather than at school will affect the connect students’ chances of winning.

“Yes, I think that even if I want to spend one-on-one time with students I can’t because there isn’t that face to face contact and it isn’t as individualised,” Martinez said.