Winterguard as One

Aaliyah Hamilton, Reporter

As the weather turns to winter, so does the Color Guard as they enter their Winter Guard season.

“Winter Guard is essentially Color Guard indoors,” captain Ashlyn Silliman said. “Instead of the band playing live music, however, we perform a show on a tarp usually the size of a basketball gym floor to pre recorded songs. It is a much more intimate experience between members and the audience because of the proximity to one another.”

With covid taking a toll on the members, Winter Guard will be taking a different approach than years past. 

“This year instead of having the usual varsity and jv shows, we have one large ensemble with the full guard doing just one show,” captain Lillian Allen said. 

The team will take on an abstract performance that will be up for interpretation to the audience.

“This makes it harder to understand so we will be doing character development studying to ensure a certain emotion is perceived by the audience,” Allen said.

Standards for the team still stand high despite some minor setbacks of the pandemic.

“I strive for us to achieve good scores and keep fighting until the end, we don’t let the pandemic control what we place,” Allen said. “So far, the team is cooperating really well. We all understand the covid guidelines and take the necessary safety precautions so we can still have the best season we can.”

At the end of the day, the team still manages to maintain their family dynamic.

“We’ve all bonded together over covid and the sacrifices we’ve had to make to do what we love,” Silliman said. “Of course we have our little disagreements but what family doesn’t.”