Best Pandemic Albums

Covid-19 has taken such a troubling toll on humanity as we’ve all experienced the effects of it together, but many artists undoubtedly dropped great music to distract us from all the burdens we’ve faced. These are the best and most popular albums dropped amid pandemic. 

After Hours- The Weeknd

On March 20, 2020, Abel Tesfaye or better known as The Weeknd released his 4th studio album, After Hours. The Canadian singer had taken a different approach with this album straying away from his dark r&b elements and smoothly switching over to test the waters of 80’s electro pop while still maintaining his classic style. Though most songs featured had lyrically appeared somber, the production value distracts you unless you listen closely; a prime example of this being his hit single Save Your Tears. The biggest song to come off the album was Blinding Lights that shed light on the world with its upbeat and fun tempo accompanied by a fitting music video, as well as a Tik Tok trend made from a clip of the song. The Weeknd was fully “Abel” to bring back the 80’s in the best way possible. 

Folklore- Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift surprised fans by announcing as well as releasing her 8th studio album Folklore on July 23rd. Folklore takes a dive into all of Swift’s “whims, dreams, fears and musings” with heavily folk inspired songs. Swift not only wrote about her own experiences within the album, but also from the perspective of others, whether that be people she’s never met, people she’s known, or that she wishes she hadn’t. While writing this “in isolation,” her imagination was let loose and she claims the album is a result of just that. Cardigan is one of the many hypnotizing mellowed tracks on the album coated with Swift’s songwriting genius, allowing the listener to feel every word she coos over the instrumentals. 

The Slow Rush- Tame Impala 

Though it was released a month prior to our global lockdown, The Slow Rush had still managed to fill our speakers throughout the months of isolation. Tame Impala keeps their modern psychedelic sound and keeps it to a tee with each album they release. The album as a whole is colorful and vibrant and is bound to at least get your foot tapping with its subtle hints of funk sprinkled into each song. Grammy nominated song Lost In Yesterday was the fourth single released from the album where band’s frontman Kevin Parker sings about leaving all negativity behind “yesterday,” which was an encouraging message to reflect on moving forward within the pandemic. 

Positions- Ariana Grande

Towards the end of the year, Popstar Ariana Grande dropped her 6th album with teasing it to fans just a week before. The title track Positions was the lead single from the album, and had opened up with strings that commonly make an appearance within each track on the album. Positions was a strong start to see the direction Grande was taking with this album, with matured vocals, content, and production from her past works. Compared to her last album, Thank You, Next, which contained all solo songs, Positions contains several features including some from Ty Dolla $ign, Doja Cat, and her past collaborator who is also featured on this list, The Weeknd. Although Grande wanted to refrain from making the album from being so serious in such a time, she included the song, pov, which takes the album to a slower and personable pace that later builds up as it comes to an end. It’s vulnerable and overall beautiful and wraps up Positions leaving you wanting more of Grande’s hauntingly angelic vocals.