Lobo Band and Color Guard Preview


Lobo Band

Lobo Band performing their 2021 show “Repeating Worlds.”

With the return of football season, the Lobo Band and Color Guard returns with their marching season halftime performances and new marching show concept.

“The show is called Repeating Worlds,” senior drum major Abril Tenorio said. “It’s going to have various patterns both visually and musically.”

After last year’s atypical school year and marching season, the band is ready to get back to a normal year.

“My favorite part about putting the marching show together has been getting back to where we were before the pandemic,” senior color guard captain Zoe Espinoza said. “It’s amazing to see the progress we’ve made and to remember the complexity of our production. It’s definitely nostalgic and exciting.”

Through each practice they endure, the band is only brought closer together.

“There’s a ton more advanced choreo that challenges us everyday,” senior color guard captain Julie Nguyen said. “And with all the summer socials, now we all know each other.”

Though marching can be vigorous for the group, getting to perform on the field is what keeps them going.

“I love getting to present and show off the hard work we’ve all been putting in,” Espinoza said. “I love the feeling of the stadium lights on us and getting a moment of fame each performance. It makes all the hardships and hot days worth it for us.”